Consigment Procedure

Let The Lady's Room recycle those “like new” wrong shopping choices into cash for you.  We accept consignments  Monday thru Saturday from 11 to 3.  Our experienced staff will go over all your items carefully.  Our selections are based on past and present experience of our customers' preferences. The Lady's Room determines the selling price for each piece based on the original price, condition of the item, and present demand for similar items.  We have had great success selling items at the best price for both the consignor and the shopper.


You will receive 40% of the selling price for each item. The items are on the floor for 90 days. The Lady's Room enjoys the opportunity of having sales and promotions at our discretion.

What We Accept For Consignment

We accept new and “gently worn” women's clothing, accessories, shoes, handbags and jewelry that are no older than 2 years old, in excellent condition, and most important – in fashion! We have more success in selling well-known and designer labels. We accept casual, office, dressy and evening wear. If a woman can wear it, we'll consider it!

We accept clothes that are in-season or are just anticipating the next season.

We can not sell items that are wrinkled or stained in any way. Items should be recently cleaned, pressed and brought in on hangers. Sometimes, after acceptance of an item, we may discover a problem which requires us to donate that item immediately. Please examine your items carefully before bringing them in to assure that they are in salable condition. We accept clothes that are in-season or are just anticipating the next season.

Terms of Consignment

Consignor will receive 40% of selling price.

It is the responsibility of the consignor to contact The Lady's Room regarding payment. The Lady's Room reserves the right to donate items found to be soiled, damaged, or defective in any way.

The Lady's Room donates all unsold items to charity after the expiration period. Consignors will not be able to retrieve items once they have been consigned at The Lady's Room.

Merchandise is left at the consignors risk.

The Lady's Room will do it's best to safeguard your merchandise, but we cannot be responsible for loss or damage for any reason.